National Inspirational Youth Convention

Our youth is our today, our future and
our inspirational arms into the unknowns of God

The Youth of WDCOG are being developed and
deployed on the premise of God’s Word
Y – I write to you young men because you are strong, a nd the word of God lives in you…1 Jn. 2:14
O – Overcomers I write to you young men because you have overcome the evil one…1 Jn 2:13
U – Being one in Christ: spreading and practicing the fruit of the Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness 
      Gal… 5:22
T – Thoughtful: Serving our church, community with our talents in nursing homes visits and food pantry
H – Honor Always giving honor to God, our parents and leaders


The Gospel Truth is a

designated area where
the youth in Westbury Divine
can implement their input on Bible topics, worldly topics in relation to the Bible,
and where the youth can
their point of view.

Week one Topic: Black Lives Matter
Mark 12:31 “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these”. What does the black lives matter movement mean to you? In what ways can we show love to everyone, even those who have different views from you, and how can you relate the bible verse to spreading love?


By M. Edgar

Black Lives Matter is an anthem, a slogan, a hashtag, and a straightforward statement of fact. Black Lives Matter speaks out against police brutality and systemic racism. To me, The Black Lives Matter movement means campaigns against violence towards black people. It is developed to include the issues of black women undocumented black people. Throughout the Bible, God tells us to love other people. 1 John 4:20-21 tells us that we can’t even love God if we don’t love other people. One way to show love to everyone is by offering encouraging words to someone who’s discouraged. You never know when your words will help motivate a person to achieve what God has called them to do or be. Pray for them – The Bible is full of people praying for the ones they love giving the gift of time.  Offer to help someone in need. There’s always someone who needs something. Practice the art of forgiveness.
I can relate to the Bible verse spreading love because Love Your Neighbor As Yourself is the second greatest commandment of Jesus. Following this commandment is the key Jesus Christ gave us for loving others as God loves us.


By A. Ayala

To me, the BLM movement means that black people are not being treated equally because of the color of their skin. Ways we can show love to everyone is to tell people to focus on positive vibes and try to think about the good things that are going on in the black community. Like how Michael B. Jordan and Racial Justice Organization Color of Change Partner to #changehollywood. And to the people who have different views from me. I would try my best to educate them and try to put them on my perspective of how this whole movement is going. The bible verse Mark 12:31 says that we should love and treat people the way we want to be treated and that means exactly what it sounds like. So this whole movement to me has not only changed my perspective, but has also educated me.